VRPorn.com Founder Profiled by Wired

Written by on March 20, 2018

VENICE, Calif. — Daniel Peterson, founder of VRPorn.com, has been profiled by Wired in “How to Build the World’s Biggest VR Website.”

Peterson told the magazine that initially VRPorn.com was not porn related; rather, he was using “porn” in a purely vernacular manner. “Peterson, 37, created his site in 2013 as a VR fan site: he called it VRPorn.com, he says, the way a food blogger might talk about ‘food porn,’” Catherine Allen wrote. “Then he tried a few posts on actual VR porn — and the reaction was immediate.”

Peterson told Allen, “I would write some article about a technology topic and some other article about an adult CGI VR experience. Those NSFW posts received 20 times the interest as the safe-for-work posts.”

VRPorn.com’s new premium service gives viewers access to the site’s large collection of VR content, culled from more than 25 participating studios.

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