We are currently on air in the UK every Monday from 9 pm till 11 pm and in the US 4 pm till 6 pm (their drive time). The show is hosted by Demon Seed Radio, an internet platform with numerous sex-related radio shows ... they have a good and diverse array of  'Shock jocks' and a large dedicated listener fan base.
The show has grown and evolved in the last 3 years, to become a valued part of the UK Adult industry, creating an honest, fun and diverse approach to an 'Adult Talk' radio show.
Radio content and regular features.

  • In the news...Current or relevant sex-related news articles.
  • The sound of the week...A mystery sound for listeners to ponder on and interact with on social media.
  • Poll question...the debate question is always popular and provokes debate both on the show and on social media for the next week or so.
  • Animal corner...a cheeky look at how the animal kingdom behaves (or misbehaves!)
  • One for the boys, or one for the girls...rotated weekly, this is aimed at good news for him or her.
  • Colin's colossal crap...trivia, fact or myth? A fun look at some of the internets finest crap!
  • Ecliptic choice of new and old music...including at least one filthy muse for Pippy Longstocking (the most loyal listener).
  • Charlies Live Lounge for up and coming artists to showcase their music.
  • Dead or alive...where Charlotte regularly kills off the odd living celebrity.
  • International flirts - international chat-up lines of the week...guess the language and guess the meaning.
  • Interviews...either pre-recorded or live, the guests tend to air their views on a news-related feature or up and coming event.

Currently, we're expanding our platforms to give further accessibility to all audiences, through audio and visual interaction online, live, and available on all mobile devices. providing the Adult industry with a voice to express sexual freedom and personal liberties.

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